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Bona Fide Fair Fashion™ sponsors a series of symposiums. Our symposiums bring together the most powerful sourcing professionals and industry executives who represent the largest retailers, brands, manufacturers, trading companies and agencies. Each symposium will have a topic narrow enough in focus that tangible short-term and long-term goals can be achieved.

  • Our first, a 2.5 day Bona Fide Fair Fashion™ Symposium, focuses on Bangladesh. (see our presentation)


Symposiums Vision:

  • Our Goal is to create an alliance of brands, retailers and manufacturers
  • Our Concentration is how to best use our collective buying power toward sustainable development in emerging countries
  • Our Focus is on human rights, worker’s rights and fair wages in existing factories

Our Goals Include:

  • Strategizing how to hold factories responsible without sacrificing the quality of their products
  • Strategizing how our investments can be used creatively to create a more eco-friendly and sustainable industry
  • Combining our buying power to disallow factories from declining to adhere to international standards and human rights guidelines
  • Empowering local workers
  • Positioning the fashion industry as a leader in ethical, sustainable practices for other industries to follow

Our Synergistic Approach:
Bona Fide Fair Fashion™ Symposiums heighten awareness of how an environment can be created for sustainable economic success which will create more jobs and opportunities

  • Invest
  • Measure
  • Improve
  • Reinvest

Who Should Attend?

Bona Fide Fair Fashion™ Symposium Series is intended for the Fashion Industry’s Global Business Leaders and High Ranking Sourcing Professionals

Why Should I Attend?

  • Profitability through Sustainability
  • Protect Brand Value
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Learn about new hot topics like Bona Fide Fair Fashion™ Program

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