Bringing Industry to the Table

Stimulating Growth. Creating Jobs. Changing Lives.

Our Mission:

Stimulate Growth, Create Jobs and Change Lives while mitigating commercial risk through sustainability

Our Vision:

Fairness: While never losing sight of economic viability we must still put people first.

Our Values:

PERSPECTIVE – a different way of helping developing countries and inspired by Every Woman, Every Child and the Beyond2015 (formally Millennium Development Goals) of the United Nations. Ours is in no way in competition with any other initiatives.

FOCUS – not on celebrity, but on industry, investment and sustainability.

BRICKS AND MORTAR – hugely successful manufacturing centers have risen in what were considered developing countries 30 years ago. This could not have been done without the industry pioneers who have helped grow centers in Far East and Southeast Asia, India, Bangladesh, Lesotho, Mauritius, Madagascar, and throughout Africa.

HISTORY – of each country, each community must be respected and understood as the basis for future development.

EDUCATION – it is the responsibility of those who build factories to share the knowledge and the technical knowhow for all positions from entry-level to CEO. It is no longer enough to build a factory and train locals only as laborers and not as administrators.

SUSTAINABILITY – given the vast amount of data accumulated over the last 50 years about the effects of industrialism’s global spread, given a new perspective and focus, and given an ability to determine where certain items should be produced, we now have a sophisticated road map for how to develop fashion in industrializing countries while improving conditions in countries where factories already exist. In addition to helping foster sustainable local economies, we will fight for green initiatives, education, and training, while maintaining respect for cultural differences, fair wages, and gender equality. Shared profits, shared responsibility.

PEOPLE – Champion for the people by calling out human rights violations, fair wages, and labor practices in existing factories currently manufacturing for the fashion/garment industry. Through storytelling we humanize the process by putting a face on the people who actually make the products they buy.

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