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Peter Kaufman
FounderPeter Kaufman

For over 35 years Peter Kaufman has been a pioneer in manufacturing fashion for the US market in developing countries including China, India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and Jordan among others in Central America and Africa. An expert in international sourcing, Kaufman has worked extensively in the fashion industry in such diverse countries as Bangladesh, India, Mauritius, and Madagascar. He has worked with virtually all of the major retailers, from K-Mart to Macy’s to Saks Fifth Avenue.

As a representative of such companies as Phillips Van Heusen and JC Penney, Kaufman has gained practical, hands-on experience working with United Nations trade initiatives involving sub-Sahara Africa, the Caribbean, Central America, and the QIZ (Qualified Industrial Zones) in Jordan and Egypt. His courage and ingenuity prompted him to place millions of units of production, previously manufactured in established venues, in newly established factories in such locations. In Africa alone, Kaufman’s diverse product experience included producing cashmere in Mauritius, children’s clothing in Egypt, women’s knits in Morocco, denim in Lesotho, and merino wool in Tunisia and Madagascar.

Mr. Kaufman is a versatile, highly effective global apparel and textile business leader with deep expertise in creating and delivering innovation, growth, and profitability. At JC Penney alone, Mr. Kaufman was responsible for sourcing product internationally that represented over 1 billion dollars in retail sales.

Having worked in virtually every facet of the fashion industry from design, manufacturing, and product development to brand development, merchandising, and sales, Kaufman boasts a breadth of experience and insight that has allowed him to continue his lifelong advocacy of social justice and human rights.

Current projects include Bona Fide Fair Fashion™ as well as various human rights initiatives.

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