Bringing Industry to the Table

Stimulating Growth. Creating Jobs. Changing Lives.


Our story began in June of 2012, when Mr. Peter Kaufman, CEO of Innovative Concepts Associates, was invited to the United Nations to participate in a Roundtable sponsored by Fashion4Develpment.

There, Peter Kaufman (right) caught the attention of Dr. Robert C. Orr (left), Assistant Secretary-General for Policy Coordination and Strategic Planning, who asked to meet with him one-on-one.

Kaufman’s experiences at the United Nations including Every Woman, Every Child and the Beyond 2015 (formally known as MDGs or Millennium Development Goals) inspired him to found Bona Fide Fair Fashion™.

Bona Fide Fair Fashion™ is a nonprofit initiative, which aims to bring the fashion industry to the table to collectively charter a course towards a more sustainable future by channeling creative investment in developing countries and by focusing on human rights in existing factories.

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Our Mission:
Stimulate Growth, Create Jobs and Change Lives while mitigating commercial risk through sustainability

Our Vision:
Fairness: While never losing sight of economic viability, we put people first

Our Values: (Read More)